Release Notes



  • Face-to-Face Sessions now have a new Visibility setting similar to Events, for displaying/hiding the session in the Learning Hub.

  • A new Results component has been added that can be used to pull in a table of quiz/survey results from any activity in the system.

  • The Text Input quiz component now has an option for allowing multi-line results by specifying the number of rows the field should take-up. Text Input also now allows setting of a maximum character length.

  • Added new Outline and Fill style variants for Text Input and Select Box components that can be used to change the aesthetic of these form fields.


  • Fixed an issue where the CMS editor would corrupt page data when adding elements to a collection using the expanded form editor (for example, when adding new Checklist items to a Checklist).



  • Redesigned Users listing screen with improved search performance and the ability to filter on specific user attributes.

  • The URL for content hosted at an external URL can now be updated inside the admin UI, including the ability to rollback with version history.

  • Activity bulk upload now includes all known activity attributes as per the system config as well as the ability to specify tags that should be applied.

  • The CMS Rating Scale component now includes a "hide label" option to cater for scales with a large number of items.


  • Fixed an issue where module completions weren't being rolled up correctly for multi-depth hierarchies and users were being enrolled into the module when having already completed the deeply nested children.

  • Fixed a bug on the Module Hierarchy screen where creating a new sub-module and renaming it before saving would throw an error. Also made a change so that renamed sub-modules would appear in the activity selection drawer with their new name.

  • Added support for sending notification test emails when logged into the LXP with a learner SSO account.

  • Fixed an unhandled error that was being displayed when saving a user's attributes.

  • Added performance optimisations for pulling metrics in legacy reporting interface which prevents a crash when opening this screen with large amounts of data.



  • Redesigned Groups listing screen now with an added search for quick filtering of groups.

  • Revamped Groups Edit screen so it can now handle groups with large numbers of individually added users – the individuals list is now limited and includes an inline search for finding and removing members. A new button has also been added to easily remove all individuals from the group.

  • New True/False Checkbox CMS component that can be added to quizzes for recording responses to simple yes/no questions.

  • Added the ability for Activities to natively launch to an external URL and track when this launch occurs.

  • Expanded an Event's Facilitator Attachments field to encompass both activities and assets.



  • Fixed a sporadic issue where adding/moving components would cause all data to be wiped. This appeared to be caused by the use of nested layout components (columns/table, etc.) not updating the data model correctly.

  • Fixed an issue where the second-to-last item couldn't be removed from the list of activities in the Activities Carousel component.

  • Resolved various issues with editing nested components that were causing the text to lose focus – this was particularly problematic with editing text inside an Accordion component.

  • Added the ability to add Columns/Tables to a Quiz component and then nest the questions within those layout components.

  • Fixed an issue with images embedded in a Column component overflowing inside IE11 when collapsed to the mobile layout.



Content Management

  • New activities listing view that consolidates digital, assets and F2F events into a single searchable and filterable list.

  • Activities and assets can now have labels applied that will allow them to be organised into a nested folder structure. Labels can contain nested sub-labels and activities can exist under multiple labels at once to allow for flexible organisation.

Manager Dashboards

  • Added support for rolling up overdue statuses for enrolment workflows applied to the child of a module hierarchy – this means that when a child becomes overdue, the top-level activity will also appear as overdue in both manager dashboard reports as well as in the learner view.

  • When drilling-down into a module, the Due Date is now listed next to any children with attached enrolment rules.

  • Re-instated the configuration option for specifying that a role can drill up to a higher-access level of dashboard.


  • Fixed an issue with completion status appearing incorrectly under the Activities drill-down when the user was enrolled into a single activity more than once.



LXP Dashboards

  • Dashboards have now been expanded to allow the user to toggle whether the results should be segmented by a user attribute.

  • When results are segmented, users can now drill-down into each attribute and automatically filter the data by the selected value.

  • Completion date filter added to allow results to be filtered by a given time period – this is applied to both the summary and detailed data.

  • Activities with Expressions of Interest enabled will now show an additional report for users who have expressed their interest.

  • Learning Coordinator dashboards now include a report listing all available facilitators for the given date range.


  • Activity attributes can now be added to a report's output.

  • New metrics exposed for generating reports on activity ratings and feedback.


  • Activities that contain dates such as F2F sessions and facilitator unavailability entries now store these dates in a format that makes them queryable by a time-frame range so they will be correctly picked up in reports.

  • Fixed an issue with overlays in the admin interface getting cropped on small screen resolutions. These overlays are now scrollable.




  • Redesigned User Interface for Activity Details screen, including the ability to upload a banner image, distinct from the activity thumbnail. This is useful for allowing more appropriate images when

  • New Multiple Choice quiz component that can be set to appear as either buttons or checkboxes. Multiple choice responses can be configured to accept either a single or multiple selections.

  • New Table components with a customisable number of columns, rows and with optional table header.


  • Changed the Learning Hub search to support searching for activities by the Keywords attribute.

  • Fixed a sporadic authentication issue on account activation that would sometimes erroneously display en error message. Also improved the activation flow so that users will be automatically logged in after activation.

  • Fixed an issue with manager dashboards not showing the assigned manager for activities with attached workflow tasks.

  • Changed activity drill-down on the Activities tab of manager dashboard to be able to drill into modules of an infinite depth (previously nested modules couldn't be drilled into).




  • Attached additional contextual data to face-to-face analytics to make ad-hoc reporting much simpler and more reliable.

  • Adds new filtering options to reports for filtering by User Group and User Attribute (now available for both Enrolment and Completion reports).

  • Hides accumulator options for user attributes when building a Group By report since this was causing some unnecessary confusion with users.

  • Adds support for applying filters after a Group By stage, in this case, filters can only be applied to the output values of a report. This is useful for generating a result set and then adding additional filters on those results.


  • Added new fine-grained permission options for the Learning Hub Profile screen so users can be given access to individual tabs as required (Notifications, Tasks and Transcript).


  • Fixed an issue where adding a user to a Face-to-Face session and marking their attendance at the same time was resulting in the attendance status dropping off.

  • Added navigation submenu even when a single permission is held so users can more easily return to the main screen if they have navigated to their profile.

  • Fixed a permission bug where session attendance list couldn't be exported.



Learning Hub Overhaul

This marks the release of a major redesign of the Learning Hub which comes with the rollout of a number of new and enhanced social features.

  • Assigned Learning screen now maximises screen real-estate with the user's upcoming learning becoming the priority focus. An inline-search and filters are still available for quick searching.

  • A dedicated Explore Learning screen has been added that provides users with a visual way for searching and exploring the catalog of available learning. From this screen, users can now also share learning with others or assign to their team, if a manager.

  • Revamped Manager Dashboards now display a team's learning in a much cleaner layout with a clear delineation between the team, activity, and overdue/due soon summaries.

  • The user's Learning Transcript has now moved to a dedicated screen along with a new area for any achievements awarded to the user (badges, leaderboards, etc.).

  • Users now also have the ability to rate and provide feedback on any learning they have previously completed.




  • Full support for awarding badges compliant with Mozilla's Open Badges specification.

  • Activities or system-wide rules can be configured to award badges upon completion.

  • Earned badges are displayed under the user's profile inside the Learning Hub as well as the admin interface.

  • Clear LXP's implementation of badges is a cross-integration of Open Badges with xAPI to ensure rich data is collected on earned badges and is fed into reporting and analytics.


  • Redesigned user profile screen which includes the ability to edit a user's attributes on-the-fly without having to upload a CSV file.

  • Upgraded version history panel and added support for assets as well as activities.

  • Added the ability to roll-back to a previous version of an activity/asset, including an inline preview for previous versions of an image asset.


  • Changed behaviour of enrolment rule filtering for activity groups so that the filters are only applied when opened from a user's assigned training list. When searching and opening the activity group, all children will now always be shown.

  • Fixed an issue with completion break-down not updating correctly when drilling down on a learner in IE11.



Admin Portal

  • Portal dashboard expanded to show overall summary of activities associated with the authenticated user.

  • Drilling down on a specific activity within dashboard now also shows completions over time.

  • Migrated analytics report generation screen to portal app.


  • Fixed an error in the URL being generated when copying Session and Event deep-links.

  • Raised the result set limit on Learning Hub dashboard reports to ensure all data is pulled in.



Learner/Admin SSO

  • Launched a new admin interface that will support Single-Sign-On for learners so a separate admin account will no longer be required.

  • Learning Hub now provides a direct link to the admin interface for authenticated users with admin permissions.

  • New dashboard view that shows completion summary and a simple exportable report.


  • New Components:

    • Activity Button: With 'activity' and 'resource' variants for showing a compact link to an activity with status indicators.

    • Divider: A simple horizontal line for visually separating content.

  • Custom Template Editing: New hooks have been added to make it easier to build custom templates with slots for dynamic content, as well as the ability to expose options on custom components within the template.


  • Changed the behaviour for expiration of hierarchy modules so that expiring a child will also expire the parent module as this aligns with user expectations.

  • Fixed an issue with Hub login not correctly setting permissions for retrieval of dynamic content.



Face to Face

  • Manager Approval Sessions:

    • When a manager declines an attendance request, a message is displayed to the user informing them of the rejection and the approval flow is reset so they are able to re-apply, if they wish.

    • If a manager approves an attendance request when the session is full, this now adds the user to the waitlist and shows an appropriate message.

    • After approving or rejecting a request, managers can no longer change the approval status, the user must initiate a new request by re-applying.

    • Ability to add a contact message at the bottom of the Hub's Session screen. e.g."For any queries, contact". Note this message will only show when a corresponding contact email has been configured.

Learning Hub

  • Tasks List: Improvements made to the tasks list UI to show different icons when task is approved or rejected, and the entire task row has been made clickable to launch the task. An optional resolution property also added to tasks allowing for some context around the completion of the task. e.g. a request being either "approved" or "denied".


  • Fixed loading of date enrolment rules so the date value no longer becomes corrupted.

  • Fixed creation of a new session not immediately appearing in the sessions list for an event, even if it matched the search filters applied.

  • Fixed an issue where launching a session-approval request wouldn't always display the approve and reject buttons for the manager.

  • Fixed an issue where Reject button was getting cut-off on the mobile view of session approval screen.

  • Fix modal notifications not opening from the Hub's Manager Dashboard Team screen.

  • Fixed completion icons not showing for Session attendance request tasks in the Hub's Manager Dashboard tasks.



Face to Face

  • Session Enrolled Filters: The enrolled users filters now include the options to filter on "Re-scheduled" and "No-show" statuses.

  • Facilitator Guides: A new field has been added to events for adding attachments that will only be visible to facilitators.


  • Enabled permission checks to hide Search from the Learning Hub.

  • Fixed an issue with self-registered cancellations not appearing in reports.

  • Fixed an unhandled error in Learning Hub facilitator view when a user was enrolled but did not include a name.

  • Fixed session cancellations triggered from the Learning Hub not being included on Clear View's session enrolments table.




  • New Components:

    • Hero Banner: A full width banner representing an activity (defaults to launched activity), customisable title and optional subtitle.

    • Activity Tile: Use to visually display and launch an activity.

    • Activities Carousel: A collection of Activity Tiles represented in a horizontal scrollable carousel.

  • Content Activity Option: New configuration field for pulling activity content from an alias activity – this is useful when multiple child activities should use the same content as their parent.

Face to Face

  • Registration and Cancellation Cut-Off Periods: Ability to configure a system-wide date range to prevent late registrations or cancellations.

  • Event Management UI:

    • Ability to filter sessions by name, attributes or dates.

    • Ability to view cancelled and rescheduled users within a session users list.

    • Ability to search for a learner to view their status on a on a particular session.

  • Manager Approval Changes:

    • Upon requesting approval, leaner now receives a notification (optionally configured as an email), advising them to speak with their manager.

    • When a manager rejects an attendance request, learner will receive a notification (optionally configured as an email) indicating this.

    • When a session is full at the time the manager is about to approve an attendance request, a message is shown to the manager indicating the session is full. Approval can still be given but the leaner will remain on the waitlist.

  • Facilitator Calendar: Added a new calendar view for facilitators to make it easier to find assigned sessions by a specific date.


  • Disable attachments: Attachments can now be disabled per notification (manual configuration only). This is useful to disable event calendar invites on Face to Face notifications that do not require one.


  • Reorder Activities: Drag and drop the activities list (or inside the activity drawer) to reorder activities within an enrolment.

  • Between Dates: New between option for configuring enrolment rules to match between two dates.

  • Custom Value: Enrolment rules can now define a custom attribute value to match on, instead of being forced to use an existing attribute. Simply search for the missing attribute and tick "Add Custom Value".


  • Filter and Group By Redesign: The Data Exploration interface has changed to a vertical layout to better highlight the sequence of filtering and grouping report data.

  • Data Source Switching: Data Exploration now has the ability to switch on data source so reports can be generated on any of Analytics, Completion, Enrolment or Activity data.

  • Formula Value: Added the ability to add a First Populated formula to the report for merging column values when one may not exist.

  • Column Values Changes:

    • Columns can now be optionally hidden from the output report - useful if they're used solely for calculating a formula.

    • Drag and drop already added column values to easily reorder them in the resulting report.


  • Fixed an issue with adding/removing users from a User Group not triggering reprocessing of enrolments that referenced that Group.

  • Fixed an issue where changing a workflow assigned to children of a module wouldn't trigger processing on the new workflow.

  • Fixed an error where the Manager Tasks list wouldn't load if a task was present for an activity that had been removed from the system.

  • Accessibility improvements have been made throughout the Learning Hub to better support screen-readers and keyboard accessibility.