Release Notes



Face to Face

  • Session Enrolled Filters: The enrolled users filters now include the options to filter on "Re-scheduled" and "No-show" statuses.

  • Facilitator Guides: A new field has been added to events for adding attachments that will only be visible to facilitators.


  • Enabled permission checks to hide Search from the Learning Hub.

  • Fixed an issue with self-registered cancellations not appearing in reports.

  • Fixed an unhandled error in Learning Hub facilitator view when a user was enrolled but did not include a name.

  • Fixed session cancellations triggered from the Learning Hub not being included on Clear View's session enrolments table.




  • New Components:

    • Hero Banner: A full width banner representing an activity (defaults to launched activity), customisable title and optional subtitle.

    • Activity Tile: Use to visually display and launch an activity.

    • Activities Carousel: A collection of Activity Tiles represented in a horizontal scrollable carousel.

  • Content Activity Option: New configuration field for pulling activity content from an alias activity – this is useful when multiple child activities should use the same content as their parent.

Face to Face

  • Registration and Cancellation Cut-Off Periods: Ability to configure a system-wide date range to prevent late registrations or cancellations.

  • Event Management UI:

    • Ability to filter sessions by name, attributes or dates.

    • Ability to view cancelled and rescheduled users within a session users list.

    • Ability to search for a learner to view their status on a on a particular session.

  • Manager Approval Changes:

    • Upon requesting approval, leaner now receives a notification (optionally configured as an email), advising them to speak with their manager.

    • When a manager rejects an attendance request, learner will receive a notification (optionally configured as an email) indicating this.

    • When a session is full at the time the manager is about to approve an attendance request, a message is shown to the manager indicating the session is full. Approval can still be given but the leaner will remain on the waitlist.

  • Facilitator Calendar: Added a new calendar view for facilitators to make it easier to find assigned sessions by a specific date.


  • Disable attachments: Attachments can now be disabled per notification (manual configuration only). This is useful to disable event calendar invites on Face to Face notifications that do not require one.


  • Reorder Activities: Drag and drop the activities list (or inside the activity drawer) to reorder activities within an enrolment.

  • Between Dates: New between option for configuring enrolment rules to match between two dates.

  • Custom Value: Enrolment rules can now define a custom attribute value to match on, instead of being forced to use an existing attribute. Simply search for the missing attribute and tick "Add Custom Value".


  • Filter and Group By Redesign: The Data Exploration interface has changed to a vertical layout to better highlight the sequence of filtering and grouping report data.

  • Data Source Switching: Data Exploration now has the ability to switch on data source so reports can be generated on any of Analytics, Completion, Enrolment or Activity data.

  • Formula Value: Added the ability to add a First Populated formula to the report for merging column values when one may not exist.

  • Column Values Changes:

    • Columns can now be optionally hidden from the output report - useful if they're used solely for calculating a formula.

    • Drag and drop already added column values to easily reorder them in the resulting report.


  • Fixed an issue with adding/removing users from a User Group not triggering reprocessing of enrolments that referenced that Group.

  • Fixed an issue where changing a workflow assigned to children of a module wouldn't trigger processing on the new workflow.

  • Fixed an error where the Manager Tasks list wouldn't load if a task was present for an activity that had been removed from the system.

  • Accessibility improvements have been made throughout the Learning Hub to better support screen-readers and keyboard accessibility.